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It takes a village to raise a child.


Dear Daddy… a message from your new daughter

For now, I need your deep rolling voice and strong gentle hands. I need your warm skin and scratchy kisses, your loving smile and clumsy laughter. I need you to look after tired, exhausted mummy, and to be patient with us through the long days and longer nights.

Postnatal depression can affect men too

This is the reality of my husband’s postnatal depression and suicide. A little boy who will never know his dad. And a wife, who will forever wish she could turn back the clock in time to save the love of her life.

Let me tell you about the boy I know

My son isn’t exactly like your son - I know this much is true. But please don’t brush him off just yet.

Open Ended Play At Home

Children have the opportunity to engage in open ended play when we provide them with materials which encourage the use of their imagination. Open ended play toys, have no set purpose and, there is no set outcome of the play.

Infant Potty Training: Potty Plan

Potty Plan is a parent-led proactive approach to assist babies (from birth to 12 months ideally) with toilet practice in an easy to follow routine.

It's OK to Ask for Help

Teaching our tamariki that it is ok to feel difficult emotions is vital. Feelings of sadness, sorrow, and anger are a normal - and healthy - part of life.

Proud of you boys

I decided to try something new. I call it, The Backpack Activity.

Birth Trauma

Nobody warned us of this, Not a word in the antenatal classes, Not a peep from the mothers we knew.

Dear Mama,

Thank you for giving me the best memories of all.

The incredible Uterus

Almost all women are born with this wonderful organ, yet most of us, have never really seen one.