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It takes a village to raise a child.



Almost all women are born with this wonderful organ, yet most of us, have never really seen one.

I remember the first time I saw you, son.

I remember the first time I saw you, son. You were 12 weeks and 3 days old. Of course, I’d seen you many times before, as I’d moved though the hazy night time process of dimly lit nappy changes, twilight burping sessions, and supporting your mumma, as you drank from her hour after hour, day after day.

It's OK to Ask for Help

Teaching our tamariki that it is ok to feel difficult emotions is vital. Feelings of sadness, sorrow, and anger are a normal - and healthy - part of life.

I'll carry you in my arms..

When the day has been long and your body is tired, from the hours of running, jumping and climbing, i will be there as your gentle guide to carry you in my arms.

Generational Anxiety

They say that we mothers can have it all, that we’re liberated, free and pushing down walls. They say that our daughters will see what we do, that they’ll learn that as girls they can have it all too! Then why is it that this is not what i see? I see mums forced to rush through work and through tea, while holding in bottled up, anxiety.

Gardening with Tamariki

Allowing our Tamariki to engage in age-appropriate gardening experiences, is about so much more than them ‘helping mum’. When my son gardens he is learning a whole range of skills...

Our Favourite's from Hatch Baby&Child

Our kids still love their toys from Hatch as much as the first day they got them

Snow Ready for Under $100

Preparing for a family trip to the mountain with under 5's, on a budget.

Reconnect These School Holidays

Week 2 is almost here - so take a deep breath mama, you’ve got this.

Helena Benetti Photography

For a limited time, receive a 50% discount on a family photoshoot in the BOP by mentioning the code 'Village Kiwi' when booking (includes 20 digital images).