Kiwi Kids Preschool

Fostering learning in a positive & supportive environment
32 Annex Road,Hillmorton,Christchurch City, Canterbury,
(03) 338 5179

Kiwi Kids provides a natural wonderland for children to play, have fun and learn with large open grassed areas, mature trees to climb, a bike track to race around and includes a large inviting indoor environment.

Your child will be cared for by valuable early childhood teachers through primary care giving and key carers. It is with these teachers that your family develops a trusting relationship and you are encouraged to be part of your child’s learning experience.

We provide an environment that is positive, and encourages children to work alongside each other and guide children positively by supporting them. Children have the freedom to make their own choices and to actively explore their environment.

Children are encouraged to develop at their own pace with uninterrupted play and freedom to explore the classroom and outdoor area in a safe and secure environment. Kiwi Kids allows for children to have fun with and alongside their peers and teachers.

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