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11 Jan 2018

The Journey to Village Kiwi

Village Kiwi . Written by Miranda

Interview with Miranda: Owner of Village Kiwi! 


Tell us why you decided to create Village Kiwi?

Many families today just don't have those strong community connections that were so common a generation or two ago. So for new parents today, it can be a real struggle to develop a support network during the already challenging time of raising a young family! Not long ago, i myself was in a new city, with two children under two; and it sure was tough trying to discover who, and what was around for us.

The saying "It takes a village to raise a child" is as true now as it's ever been; but our village support systems today look pretty different to how they use to.  Families today often rely on developing their supports by engaging with the many services available to them in their communities. But the thing is, finding out who, and what is around for you and your family can be really hard!

"As a new parent, i spent a long time trying to find out what was available for us; trying desperately hard to meet other new parents in that process".

It was out of this need, that i wanted to create something that would be really useful for New Zealand's families. Something we could return to time and time again that would help us to develop our villages.... So with the help of a brilliant group of people who believed in my vision, I have spent the past two years developing Village Kiwi: The online platform which bridges the gap between families and their community.


Wow that sounds like a huge project! Tell us more about what the site can do for New Zealand families?

Village Kiwi has been purpose built to enable families to Quickly and simply connect with both other nearby parents, and the huge number of family friendly services and events which exist around them. It is easy to use, it's free, and it allows you to search according to your child's age,  your region, district, and suburb, category and subcategory to find exactly what you need, when you need it. From nearby coffee groups, to accessing breastfeeding support services, to finding nearby parks, it is all there. If you choose to, you can interact with the site further, by creating your own profile, saving items to your favourites and calander; and even connecting with and messaging nearby parents. It was sure was an ambitious project, but we are really excited about how it can help out our NZ families.


What do you hope will come out of Village Kiwi... What are your goals for the company?

The goal was to create something that was really useful for families. Something which would help them to develop and maintain those community connections which can be so vital for parents. So I hope that is what comes out of this: families who now have the ability to really easily connect with what's in their community, and with other families around them. I am actually really looking forward to using the site to find out what is around for my family and I.

In terms of the company's goals for the future, i hope to start to develop a network of like minded organisations to work with. It is important to me however, to always maintain our Village kiwi values, and i will endeavour to do my best to contribute positively towards the lives of New Zealand families.




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Great story and what a amazing service you have created


I love your story guys! Well done on a great initiative that will help Kiwi Families!