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20 Aug 2019

The incredible Uterus

Featured Weekly . Written by Village Kiwi

This amazing organ is your uterus.

It is shown here, connected to your ovaries. Almost all women are born with this wonderful organ, yet most of us, have never really seen one.

It is typically about about 7 cm long and 5 cm wide. The uterus works hard, and for a long part of our lives, is almost always busy. This organ expands more than 100 times its size to house a fetus. Each month it self-destructs, shedding and re-building its lining, and through this, it eliminates menstruation due to contractions. Menstrual pain, is therefore pain of the uterus, not ovaries. It can support up to 150 times its own weight. It is the only organ capable of creating another organ: Placenta. It is connected to you. If you get stressed, it gets stressed, if you relax, it relaxes.

In that same organ, life is shared, because there are women who with that organ, gave life to up to 15 children. It is the second heart of a mother, because it is there, she forms the hearts of her children.

Womens bodies are incredible