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02 Aug 2019

Snow Ready for Under $100

Product Review . Written by Village Kiwi

For the kids first trip to the snow, we knew it was important to make sure they stayed warm and dry, but we also wanted to stick to a budget of $100 per child when it came to getting their gear. So we decided to research our options. In the end, we chose some quality thermals and socks, along with The Warehouse kids snow Jackets. Here's what we found:

We waited until Farmers had a mid-winter 60% off sale, we kitted both kids out head to toe in stripy merino thermals for around $40. There are certainly cheaper places to buy thermals, but if you wait for the specials Farmers is good value for money, and the fact that any item purchased online can be returned for a full refund is piece of mind for the rural online shopper. Plus, not all thermals are created equally, and the Farmers website is great for allowing you to narrow down your selection for 100 percent Merino only. This meant we could easily check which ones were going to really keep them warm, as 100 percent merino can make all the difference in comparison to a blend.

Next on the list were Jackets, Pants, Boots and Gloves... Our two year old is going through a phase of asserting her independence and confidence through her choice of clothing. She currently chooses to spend the majority of her time in floor length princess themed gowns, so we wanted to take her along to make sure she was 'choosing' her ski-gear. Where do you find tiny jackets, and boots fit for a princess, preferably with unicorns, rainbows, and lots of extra sparkly bits, all for a reasonable price? The Warehouse has you covered. Super warm and sparkly jackets for $49.00, as well as snow boots decorated with pink feathers for $25. Not as cheap as hand-me-downs from the older bro but they kept her warm, snug and very, very happy. Plus, she has happily used them as her wet weather gear for our west-coast winter bush walks since coming home!

Our last stop was Kathmandu for some quality socks. Cold fingers and toes can ruin your childs first trip to the snow, so it's worth spending a little extra for quality here. The padded merino socks were well worth the $20 - we only needed one pair for the 4 days we were there as they always dried overnight.

Kathmandu had an amazing selection of quality adult thermals too, and we decided to stock up on a few pairs of these while we were there. They turned out to be so warm, that we didn't actually need ski jackets half of the time, although that could have been down to the energy it takes to carry children up and down a mountain! At Kathmandu, we did notice that the kids merino range was surprisingly well priced, and well worth a look if your looking for quality at a good price.

All up, we spent around $100.00 per child. The gear was excellent - the kids stayed warm, dry and comfortable and loved their new gear. Plus, they have both used them for the cold morning walks since coming home!