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15 Nov 2018

Muriwai Gannet Colony

Featured Weekly . Written by Rowan

It's all about the journey. That's what visiting the Gannet Colony at Muriwai Beach is all about for my two little explorers.

The rock wall lining the path is a chance to climb and conquer. The grassy knoll looking out over the ocean is a place to gauge the wind and tide, and the grickly grass that spreads out toward the bush is for spreading your gannet wings and jumping into. 

If we make it to the main attraction, we settle down and watch. Gannets are impressive birds, made more impressive by the pounding surf below. My 3 year old says he wants to be a gannet in his next life, he can barely contain the disappointment that he's not a gannet in this one. I reckon he's on to something.


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