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15 Nov 2018

Kiwi North Heritage Park

Featured Weekly . Written by Village Kiwi

The Kiwi North Heritage Park in Whangarei really is a one stop shop for the whole family. The park has a collection of 19th century architecture, steam trains, and large grassy spaces.

If you're lucky you'll spot one of the parks steam engine enthusiasts lurking about the train station. They'll keep the little ones entertained showing off their model train set, or collection of vintage tractors. This actually happened to us twice, they are so friendly!

Events are frequently put on by the park and you can hire rooms at  cheap prices for birthdays and other events.

The park is also situated right next to the Museum, and Kiwi House, which offer great discounts to local families.

My favourite attraction, however, has to be the Native Bird Recovery centre. There is always a flock of curious birds in the bird bath, as well as a comprehensive aviary, free of charge!

Such an awesome experience, for locals and tourists alike. Quite literally enjoyable for any age! We highly recommend visiting.