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05 Aug 2019

Gardening with Tamariki

Featured Weekly . Written by Miranda

Allowing our Tamariki to engage in age-appropriate gardening experiences, is about so much more than just ‘helping mum'.

When our children are gardening they are learning a whole range of skills:

1. Responsibility, through caring for plants.

2. They are developing an understanding of cause and effect through learning what plants need in order to survive and thrive. 

3. Locomotor skills, object control skills and body management skills as they carry tools, digs soil, and waters their plants.

4. They are engaging all their senses through feeling the soil, plants and tools, smelling the scents of herbs and flowers, seeing the various shades of green, hearing the bugs, insects and wind, and tasting the herbs, fruits and veggies as they grow.

5. They are learning patience, as they wait for their plants to grow a little bigger each day until they are strong enough to pick our food from.

6. They are developing an understanding of the importance of our environment as they see first hand, the science behind what our earth can do.

7. They are bonding with those who garden with them and developing confidence as they begin to show and share their garden knowledge with interested visitors.

8. They are practicing and learning skills in cooking, as they lovingly pick, chop and excitedly taste what they grow.


When we encourage gardening to be a part of our children’s everyday lives it can be a fantastic educational experience, as well as a life-affirming and bonding experience for both us and them. I encourage you to get involved with your children next spring!


Proudly displaying his pumpkin.


Planting herbs with Popa.