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27 Nov 2018

Eye on Nature Family Day

Featured Weekly . Written by Village Kiwi

We are very excited about the upcoming 'Eye on Nature Family Day', South Auckland's biggest environmental event.

Here's a short excerpt from their website:

"Eye on Nature 2019 takes children and their families on an experiential journey through our native New Zealand forest, learning how the health of the forest and all its inhabitants impacts the health of us all".

This excites us because we take our children on an experiential journey through a small section of Muriwai's native bush most mornings, but mostly we wouldn't have a clue about how the plants, trees, and humming life (none of which we can name!) are connected to the square back and sides of our social environment. We'll have to go along to find out.

This is a completely free event and is well worth a look! Check out the link below for more information.