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14 Dec 2018

Baby wearing, and other hip accessories

Featured Weekly . Written by Village Kiwi

It is possibly the coolest thing since the hoodie and no parent look could ever be fully complete without it.. What am I talking about you ask? Probably the most life changing parenting decision i've made to date.. Strapping our baby to my front, back or side in what is known as 'baby wearing'.

Baby wearing you say.. what's that? It sounds hard.. it sounds ridiculous.. it sounds.. far too hot for an NZ summer!? Well, baby wearing has changed my life for the better, and I have happily accomplished wearing our daughter, in every season of the year. 

At Village Kiwi, we are pretty thrilled by how many new parents out there are trying and loving babywearing. This is a massive win if you're into our precious pepi growing into happy, resilient children. 

Whether you go for a front pack, back pack, wrap, or sling - i firmly believe baby wearing will change how you experience family time. Do keep in mind though that all carriers are not created equally - if you are taking up babywearing for the first time, or if you have tried wearing your baby in the past and found it uncomfortable or difficult, then I highly recommend getting in touch with your local baby wearing consultant or group for a few tips and tricks.

Honestly, with a good carrier and a bit of practice you may even love babywearing so much, you wind up ditching your expensive and heavy pram altogether.

The funny thing is that attaching our baby to me, has given me the freedom and confidence I needed to become a dad who can get our daughter to sleep, take her shopping, or even for a bush walk with her big brother in tow.

Check out the link below and search your suburb to find this summer's hottest baby attaching apparatus, baby wearing libraries, consultants and retailers near you.