Connecting Families with their Communities

It takes a village to raise a child

Meet Village Kiwi

A purpose-built online platform bridging the gap between families and communities.  

Finally, there is a way to quickly and simply connect with both other parents, and the family friendly services & events which exist around you. 

We hope Village Kiwi can help you to find a sense of belonging within your community, and perhaps even enable you to develop your very own village, in this challenging, and rewarding time of raising your family.

Because, it takes a village to raise a child.

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We are the proud parents of two young children, aged 1 and 2, who really are the focus of our lives! Throughout our parenting journey, we have become acutely aware of both the joys and the struggles of raising a young family in today's world. 

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created by a family, for families...

Rowan is a professional surfer, turned advocate. He loves to potter around in the garden, and on DIY projects. When he isn't at home you will find him on the black sand beaches of Muriwai.

We are a family of four who love to explore, connect, and spend time at home or in nature. We are aspiring vegans with a passion for our environment & our community. Our two young kids Dory (3) and Amira (2) are our absolute pride and joy, and are the inspiration for the website.

Miranda is an on & off student, who loves to write poetry. You will almost always find her with a toddler (or two) attached to her side.